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Can anyone help?

Hey, my lessons are going great so far but whenever I am asked to listen and then translate and type, I cannot hear what they say so I lose a heart. Can anyone tell me how I can fix this?

June 19, 2012



A couple of possibilities... 1) You do not have flash on your browser, or it is disabled. You would need to install or enable it. 2) Some extensions such as adblock, NoScript, etc. can interfere. Try turning them off (you may need to re-start your browser) and see if that helps.

There are a lot of other questions on this - use the search function to locate them and you'll find a few more things to try.


If you can hear a voice but you think they speak to fast, you can click on the smaller button under the bigger button wich repeats the sentence but slower.


In addition to what kamraten said, keep practicing. I have studied Spanish for about 5 years now and am fluent in it. I started out knowing hardly any Spanish, now I'm about to complete my double major of math and Spanish. There will be times when it seems like you've come a long way and times when you feel like you aren't learning anything. That is normal, especially for the first 2 or 3 years, but you are learning even when you feel that you're not.


You can also go to the settings and turn off the speaker and/or microphone. This will eliminate those types of questions. (Settings is in the upper right corner drop down arrow from your username). Buena suerte.


Thanks. I feel rather stupid though. My sister had the microphone plugged in strangely so I could only partially hear everything else said, but for some reason, I could never hear that part at all. Oh well, and muchas gracias for the support!

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