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Dina vs Ert

When would you use Dina and ert?


December 3, 2016



Din, dina, and ditt are used when a singular person has (an) object(s). Er, era, and ert, are used when plural people have (an) object(s).

I'll explain this a little more.

You know how there are two kinds of nouns in Swedish? There are "en" nouns and "ett" nouns. In Swedish, "apple" (äpple) is an "ett" noun because to say "an apple" you say "ett äpple." To say "the apple" you say "äpplet."

On the contrary the Swedish word for "bear" (björn) is an "en" noun because to say "a bear" you say "en björn." To say "the bear" you say "Björnen"

the plural forms of these two words are:

  • äpplen (apples)

  • Björnar (bears)

back to din, ditt, dina and er, ert, and era

As you know "din, ditt, dina" and "er, ert, era" all mean "your" here's the difference.

  • din, ditt, and dina are singular forms of "your" (as in "your" addressing one person)

  • er, ert and era are plural forms of "your" (as in addressing a group of people)

But that begs the question

What's the difference between din, ditt, and dina? (or er, ert, and era?)

Here's the answer:

  • din: Your (sg.) "en" noun (sg.) din björn (your bear)

  • ditt: Your (sg.) "ett" noun (sg.) ditt äpple (your apple)

  • dina: Your (sg.) "ett, or en" nouns (plural) dina äpplen (your apples) OR dina björnar (your bears)

  • er: Your (pl.) "en" noun (sg.) er björn (your/you guys's bear)

  • ert: Your (pl.) "ett" noun (sg.) ert äpple (your/you guys's apple)

  • era. Your (pl.) "en or ett" nouns (pl.) era björnar (your/you guys's bears) OR era äpplen (your/you guys's apples)

Hope this made at least a little sense :) if you have questions I'm happy to help.

Happy learning :)

December 3, 2016


I have never seen such a clear explanation on something.


June 11, 2019


Tack så mycket!

September 25, 2017


Very helpful!! Tack!!

January 6, 2018


Tack sa mycket

July 13, 2018


Very helpful and simple explanation tack!

May 2, 2019

  • Dina = your for several things, but one person.

  • Ert = your for several people, but one thing. The thing in question must be neuter gender.

Scroll down in this link for some great info on Swedish possessives:



  • Jag älskar ert bord. - I love your table (which belongs to both of you).

  • Jag älskar dina katter. - I love your cats (which belong to you alone).

December 3, 2016
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