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  5. "Коли ви були на морі?"

"Коли ви були на морі?"

Translation:When were you at the sea?

December 3, 2016



My wrong answer was, "When were you on the sea?" So how would you say that?


"On the sea" is not correct in English. You just literally translated every Ukrainian word one by one. "На морі" means "at the sea" or "at the seaside".


The problem is that "at the sea" is not used. It's either "at sea" (implying "on a vessel, some way from the shore") or "at the seaside". So, in the exercise where words are clicked from a set, the only sensible option is "at sea", which is rejected.

"On the sea" is perfectly correct English, although unusual to be said of a person. It is quite normal to say "There was hardly a ripple on the sea" or "There was foam on the sea".


I posted something similar on another sentence but received no validation.

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