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Android: discuss button sometimes goes to the wrong forum.

Occasionally the Android app gets into an odd state in which the current language is different from the lesson that the user is working through. This manifests itself a couple of ways, but the most annoying is that when the app is in this state if I click the "discuss" button from a given sentence it will go to the wrong forum. For example:


This post was created from my Android phone when I clicked the discuss button for the sentence from the Italian lesson.

Now, I'm not sure exactly how to get the app into this dual-language state, so I'm sort of guessing at this but I would suppose that steps to reproduce might be:

(In an account learning more than one language)

  1. Begin a lesson in one language

  2. Put the app in the background

  3. Re-launch the app by clicking the owl icon

  4. Switch languages, but don't start a lesson.

  5. Using the Android activities browser (long press home) find the still open lesson from above.

  6. Continue the lesson for a sentence or so

  7. Click "Discuss"

Again, I haven't re-tested this so I don't know if I can reproduce it reliably. Still, I'm pretty sure this is how it went.

I notice when this happens I also get statistics for the wrong language after the lesson, but that's not such a big deal - my seeing the wrong statistics doesn't make me annoy people like Sitesurf... ;)

February 22, 2014



Also, related, there's no indication in app that it's on the wrong forum.


I've just realized that changing languages in the web version will cause this to happen in the android app!

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