"Це не наші ключі."

Translation:These are not our keys.

December 3, 2016

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Hello! Це is should be used for singolar, right?


[deactivated user]

    The trick is, there are two kinds of «це». When «це» is a stand-alone pronoun, i.e. it doesn't modify anything, it doesn't change its forms:

    • Це не на́ші ключі́. 'These are not our keys.' The sentence is broken down this way: [це] не [наші ключі].

    If «це» modifies the next word, it changes its form to match that word in number and gender (in singular):

    • Ці ключі́ не на́ші. 'These keys are not ours.' The sentence is broken down this way: [ці ключі] не [наші].
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