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Translation of articles

Hello everyone! I have finished studying the Tree. I am interested to translate some articles. Please, tell me how I can do this?

February 22, 2014



If you mean english to russian i'm afraid there isn't anything, i don't know if DL is planning anything.


It really depends on which language you are attempting to translate. Beta (Russian, Hungarian, and so on) courses don't seem to have immersion activated so that may be a problem.

If you know one of the 5 (FR,EN, GE, IT, PT) Duolingo main languages, you can try to translate from them. Otherwise, since it seems like your English proficiency is above average, you could try to learn a new language and translate from that language to English.


Thank you for your reply. I am using a laptop Samsung.


Oh, thank you very much, I will try to sort it out.


For future reference, try to click "reply" under someones comment in order to reply to them, as the way you are doing it in this thread, won't notify people of your responses :) (you would have to hope they return to this thread in order to see your reply)


Yes, I speak Russian and I am studing English, and I would like to translate articles from Russian to English or from English to Russian. Well, now I realized that the Russian language is not included in the list. Okay, well, thanks for the explanation. I will not lose hope, perhaps, very soon someone will be interested in Russian language as well.

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