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"A piros autók sincsenek kint."

Translation:The red cars are not outside, either.

December 4, 2016



In the spirit of this being Beta, please try to remain flexible to alternate correct translations. "Even the red cars are not outside." :)


I am really trying. :) But please report these suggestions via Report a problem, so the people who can do something about them can actually read them.

Other than that, "Even the red cars are not outside." is not a correct translation of this sentence. There is nothing for "even" in the Hungarian sentence. That would be "Még a piros autók sincsenek kint."


Sincs vagy sem? What is the difference?

[deactivated user]

    I don't understand where the either construction is. Does sncs mean not...either?


    Sincs is like Is nincs So" also not-the verb-"=negate the verb +either


    That makes so much sense. Köszönöm!


    Is "Sincs" negative form of "Is"?


    Sincs is a form of sem van


    So, to be clear... here I'm saying that I'm looking outside and I don't see the red cars as well as other ones (but I was expecting to find at least the red ones) right? (for Italian speaking people: di fuori non ci sono neanche le auto rosse)
    If it is so, how can I say that I'm looking around for the red cars but I can't find them upstairs, downstairs and even outside (le auto rosse non sono neanche di fuori)? kint sincsenek a piros autók? Something else?


    I keep getting burned with:
    There are no red cars outside either.


    Well, that can't be a correct translation because there is the definite article: A piros autók, The red cars.
    It's not talking about the absence of any red cars outside, but the fact that neither the red cars (in contrast with cars of different colours) are found outside. I'm not native English, so I don't know if I can make the distiction clear enough.
    If sincsenek is the same as is nincsenek,
    and nincsenek is the same as nem vannak,
    then the sentence is something like
    [A piros autók is] [nem vannak kint]
    [Also the red cars] [are not outside], so
    The red cars are not outside, either.
    At least this is how I parse the sentence

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