"Mesele sunt pline de fructe."

Translation:The tables are full of fruit.

December 4, 2016

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Should "The meals are full of fruit" be correct?


Why is it "pline de fructe" and not "pline cu fructe"? Would the latter be incorrect? In a similar exercise (which included the phrase "full of fishes," I think), Duolingo corrected me from "de" (which I had originally used) to "cu." Someone please explain.


Very good question. My first guess is that “full” here does not mean “filled” (like in “paharele sunt pline de apă”) but is more like “covered.” So my theory is that “filled with” is expressed by “plin cu” and “covered with” by “plin de.” But a confirmation from someone for whom it's more than a theory would be great.

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