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"Do you call him after ten o'clock in the evening?"

Translation:Voi îl sunați pe el după ora zece seara?

December 4, 2016



Il suni dupa zece seara . It is the correct singular form. It should be accepted.


Why is the pronoun îl if it is voi, but tu-l please? I just put îl suni .... Thanks


I do not know the precise rules for contractions i Romanian but maybe you cannot contract “i” (from “voi”) and “î” (from “îl”)?


"Îl suni..." should be correct, but apparently Duolingo expected you to use the second person plural pronoun (which is not clear from the English sentence).


What happened to "pe el"?? No need to put it in the sentence? Why not?


No need but it should be accepted, in my opinion. Any other direct object (pe domnul înalt, pe fratele tău, …) would, of course, have to be mentioned but pronouns only if they are needed for emphasis.

Edit 2020-07: The model solution is now “Voi îl sunați pe el ...“


when does seara and noapte are used? I thought it would be ora zece noaptea


Îl sunați după ora zece seara should be accepted as well


* "tu" needs to be considered as well*

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