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From Hungarian or any language to English

Hi, I am Hungarian. I wonder if there is a chance to contribute to Duolingo to create the Hungarian to English course based on the existing courses where the target language is English. Services like Duolingo are often unavilable for non-english speaking people, but once they reach a B1-B2 level in English, a new world of languages opens for them. I would offer my help if you create such a project.

February 14, 2013



I encourage you to work on this. I am an English teacher, and my Hungarian students have very few options. Good luck!


I am hungarian too, and would really appreciate to learn English with duolingo.


I was thinking that a course could be made up of 15000-30000 sentence combinations. If a group of people with strong English knowledge is "crowdsourced" from a given nationality the project duration would only be a question of the number of translators. 1000 English speaking hungarians could translate all the sample sentences with cross checking in one or two weeks. I myself would do my part in half a day. As a second phase a smaller group of specialists could go through the translations. With a group of 10-20 it would take maximum a montht with discussions. With Duolingos internal processes I believe it all could be managed within three months after the group of translator are collected.


I see that the Hungarian language does not hold a business potential in mass transaltions, but a crowdsourcing project like this would cost less working and management hours than the operation of a standard company project. As a result you could have a pilot for all the middle size and smaller language groups. In a later phase these courses could be reversed by those who have taken it.


Hi Gergő, I support your idea (theoretically), and really appreciate it.


It seems like this website has a lot of opportunities to create English learning programmes from all kinds of different languages not just Spanish...


I agree. And English, as the main language of the internet is a key competence to gain information and get more competences throug language knowledge. Google translator wil never giv the learner the ability of a paradigme shiftthat a language holds by its own wisdom adout noun gender, declination or eg. the spainish subjuntivo. There are at least a hundred smaller nations that could contibute with their uniqueness once they learn English.


I would also gladly help in translating!


If you would like to express this will, feel free to join this group. No commitments yet:) The link of the group is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/546208132078914/


Én is segítenék! :) I'd also help! :)


Thank You! Köszi :)!


If you would like to express this will, feel free to join this group. No commitments yet:) The link of the group is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/546208132078914/


As a Hungarian, majoring in English at the university and studying Theoretical Linguistics as well, if there was such project, I'd help too. However, as a linguist in training, I can see the difficulty in this project. Hungarian is a completely different type of language than English, German, Spanish, French, or any of the Germanic, Romance and in general, the Indo-European languages. It's agglutinative, and it has vowel harmony, 18-19 cases in stead of the two in English or four in German. This is a great system to learn Indo-European, especially Germanic languages, but I don't think it works with Hungarian. Hungarian is too difficult for that. The parallel that is visible between English and German or English and Spanish makes learning the other language easier. That doesn't hold for English and Hungarian.

All the same, it is worth a try!


I completely agree with you Korik. What I provoke is a Hungarian to English course.


Clearly there is a misunderstanding among some people commenting here. The point here is NOT to create a Hungarian language course based on English, but rather, to create an English course for Hungarian people. See the difference? It's totally irrelevant how difficult the Hungarian language is, the point is to learn English. And as you can see, you can already learn English here on Duolingo if you only speak Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese. So why not expand the list?


I intend to use the learn English from Hungarian course to refresh my Hungarian, and I am sure there are many other English speakers who will try this option!


if u need any help in translation from hun to eng, u can count on me also, i think it is a good idea, am also native hungarian


I would also gladly help in such a project.


The Hungarian Course is now available!


Anybody can help me? I do not find the hungarian course for English speakers.


It doesn't exist yet.


yeah! hungarian would be great!!! besh o drom!


Hi and thanks for the support. It occured to me to start a group on Facebook, where all Hungarians could join and express their will if they contribute to the development of a Hungarian to English course.

The link of the group is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/546208132078914/


Nine more people joint to represent my idea through the fb group. I hope more will follow. My friends keep asking me weather Duolingo is paying me somthing. Well, yes... not in cash, but with knowledge.


Thx duo, now i can start playing it with my son :))) Its fantastic I thought that Hungarian will be in your backlog for several years. And you made it in less than one! I am grateful!

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