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  5. "Voi aveți miere și zahăr?"

"Voi aveți miere și zahăr?"

Translation:Do you have honey and sugar?

December 4, 2016



zahar literally means Poison in my native language (Urdu). my Grandma who was diabetic always used to say that sugar is zahar (poison) thats why i would always remember it


Good point David, "you have honey and sugar" could be a statement, an affirmation, or question. I'm not sure when Voi aveți is You have or Do you have?


Both, in writing you can tell by the questionmark and in speaking by tone.


I answered "do u have honey and sugar?", I think it's correct too -.-


It is correct because if you translate a question from Romanian to English you always have to add 'do' at the start.

Hope that helps.


Not always, but commonly. I can imagine this sentence being said incredulously with no 'do' (stress the and)


I mistyped that "Voi aveți piere și zahăr''. But It was correct. I don't know why. It is not good if I heard that ''Voi aveți piele...''

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