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"Какие цветы нравятся твоей маме?"

Translation:What kind of flowers does your mom like?

December 4, 2016



not colours because the nominative plural of цвет as in colour is цвета


I'm just waiting for the whopper of a quiz when DL tries to ask us about sweaters with many colors of flowers on them.


Could someone explain why is нравятся used and not нравится?


цветы is plural and the subject of the sentence, so нравятся is the corresponding plural for the verb.


In this example, the subject цветы comes before the word нравится. In most of the other examples we have seen the dative part precedes нравится. Would the reverse (Твоей маме нравяится какие цветы?) be wrong here? Is there a difference in emphasis?

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"Твоей маме нравятся какие цветы?" would be quite unnatural or at least not neutral. You can make it work with an appropriate intonation but it would either stress "какие" or else will not be a question but a remark showing your disbelief: you mum likes what/which flowers???

Just like in English, you should have really good reasons for moving question words ("какие" in this case) anywhere from their natural position at the beginning of the question.


I'm a little bit confused about word orders. I answered "Какие цветы твоей маме нравятся?", but it was marked as wrong. However, in another question "Which cats do you like?", I answered "Какие кошки нравятся тебе?" and it was wrong, so could anyone tell me where I should put "нравятся"?


In question like "what kind of X does Y like?" if Y is a noun it goes after the "нравится". If it's a pronoun, it goes before it.

That's for the neutral word order. You can change it, but the result would be less natural, or at least suggest some kind of emphasis and/or emotion.


Thank you very much!

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