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"Ele sunt fete și ele au o carte."

Translation:They are girls and they have a book.

December 4, 2016



what's the rule for ele and ei? i know for voi, it ends in ti and noi ends in em for possessives and verbs, but whats the rule for ele and ei? what about tu and eu?


Ele is "they" when all of them are female. Ei is "they" when there is at least one male in the group, even if the rest are all female. If I'm talking about Chris, Becky, and Alice I would use Ei, because Chris is male. If I was just talking aboutq Becky and Alice, I would use Ele.


I am learning as well, but I think it might have to do with gender?


Some of it is gender.

eu = I
tu = you (sing.)
el = he
ea = she
noi = we
voi = you (pl.)
ei = they (masculine/mixed)
ele = they (feminine)

Romanian possessives are a little more complicated than in the western Romance languages:

This link explains Romanian verb conjugation patterns:


The second 'ele' is incorrect and should be removed, since it is not needed.


I agree with you that the second "ele" is not needed but, as a native speaker, I can't say that is also incorrect...

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Yes, the sentence may sound robotic with 'ele' repeated, but it is certainly correct.


Its i think needed to have newcomers get the concept of ele


If it isn't needed that doesn't mean it is incorrect


The voice didnt not sound out the words properly.


You need to flag the lesson before moving on and report a problem with the audio. This forum is for help understanding the lesson.

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