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"Το παιδί είναι τόσο μικρό όσο μία γάτα."

Translation:The child is as small as a cat.

December 4, 2016



Is it possible "The child is small as a cat"?

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In Greek it would be το παιδί είναι μικρό όσο/σαν μια γάτα and τόσο would not be translated. It's better to stick to word-to-word translation sometimes to avoid confusion. ;)


Not sure if that's correct in English. I'd say it isn't, at least not in this case :/


In another sentence "The child is red as a tomato" was right. Why?


That might've been a mistake. You can say "The child is red like a tomato", which is the word-to-word translation of "Το παιδί είναι κόκκινο σαν ντομάτα", but I've never seen as being used all by itself in such cases in English. :/


As a native English speaker, I'd say it's not exactly wrong to omit the "as," perhaps in informal speech or for literary effect; it is implied by the grammar, but omitting it is nonstandard and uncommon (although that may vary by region). I wouldn't omit it in formal writing, and rarely in informal.

As for why Duolingo accepted it in one sentence but not another, I'm pretty sure that is simply a matter of whether someone happened to add it as an alternative translation.


The child is as small like a cat <- this was not accepted, can someone tell me why. If it would been 'σαν' then it would be ok only?


Well, that's not correct English, so I suppose that's why it wasn't accepted. 'The child is as small as a cat.

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