"The elephant has some halves."

Translation:Elefantul are câteva jumătăți.

December 4, 2016

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As a native Romanian speaker, I tell you that you can usually translate „some” as „niște” instead of „câteva”, thus making it more informal.


It let me do unele, is that an odd choice for me to make?


It's ok if you mean some specific halves. Otherwise, stick to "niște" if it's a general statement, or "câteva" as a more formal variant. However, you can also use "câteva" if you want to emphasize that the quantity is small. I know, Romanian can be extremely tough with these small nuances, but any Romanian will understand you even if you don't use the right nuances :D


Why is "elefantul are niște jumătați" not accepted?


I don't know if it's a special method you apply to language learning, duolingo, but I'd prefer to see meaningful sentences rather than such.."the elephant has some halves"..


Mine has an even number of quarters, so I suppose it works out the same.


I am a romanian native speaker and this sentence is the most stupid from Duolingo.It has no sense! The exactly translation in Romanian is "Elefantul are niste jumatati". What kind of halves?


Try to create a new way to learn Romanian if you feel so smart. Everybody understand that some phrases are just build to teach some part of the language. You cannot propose sentenses, "long like your arm"(french expression, (quite sure that it does not exist in English)) (sau "lungi ca zile de post" in limba română) to explain a plural or a piece of gramatic! .... If you're full of good ideas you just can propose yourself to participate to this beautiful enterprise which propose you to learn new languages free. Participation is also free of charge and without payment!


Does this refer to its weight? jumătate de chintal = half a quintal = one centner (cwt) = 50kg



Well, only if you have a context that suggests you that. This particular sentence doesn't make any sense on its own. Btw, it's "chintal" (but the word it's very rarely used) :)


elefantul are niște jumătăți

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