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Duolingo for math, statistics, etc.

I love that duolingo allows to learn one skill in about 5 minutes. I thought for days about a feature where people create courses on other areas of human knowledge. But I also wondered how to monetize on that. I saw the TED of Louis so I know how they monetize on language learning. So I thought: - Imagine a future where computers translate into code words in natural language (this fits in a coding course for example) - Imagine a future where computers translate into math symbols a sentence spoken in natural language (wolfram alpha like)

I feel afraid that those two ideas points on how to monetize might automate even more jobs.

Which thoughts rise in you when reading this?

December 4, 2016



hmmmm..... idk? great talking point tho!


Khan Academy is similar to Duolingo in a way. :)

The Missions on Khan Academy are like the Courses on Duolingo, because they have questions with instant feedback for your answers and spaced repetition for reminding you when to review topics. See https://www.khanacademy.org/math for more. :)

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