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  5. "Tu es aussi grand que moi."

"Tu es aussi grand que moi."

Translation:You are as tall as me.

February 14, 2013



In proper English this should translate as "you are as tall as I" with the "am" understood me is used as the object in English as in "give it to me"

  • 1601

We show "You are as tall as me." as the correct solution, but we also accept: "You are as tall as I." and "You are as tall as I am."


Yes, we Proper English Grammarians know that it should be 'I' at the end of this example. However, we have to bow to popular pressure and learn to accept the common usage of 'me.' This is definitely a case of 'picking your battles.'


Why not "You are also as tall as me"?

  • 1601

"aussi... que" means "as... as".

("You are also as tall as me" would translate into: "Tu es également aussi grand que moi".)


Why could not it be "grande" if you were speaking to a woman?

  • 1601

When you have to translate "You are as tall as me." from English to French, we accept the following translations:

  • Tu es aussi grand que moi. (masculine singular)
  • Tu es aussi grande que moi. (feminine singular)
  • Vous êtes aussi grand que moi. ("you" formal singular)
  • Vous êtes aussi grande que moi. ("you" formal singular)
  • Vous êtes aussi grands que moi. ("you" plural)
  • Vous êtes aussi grandes que moi. ("you" plural)


"...as I." is the correct form


Yes it is, but we're not going to convince the masses of that. We might be able to show people correct grammar but we cannot make them use it. Time to move on...

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