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  5. Ho finito il mio albero!


Ho finito il mio albero!

After several months of working, I have finally finished my Italian tree! YAY! Normally, I dabble in a few languages on Duolingo at a time, but I decided to truly focus on delving into Italian. Italian was quite easy for me to pick up, as the vocabulary and grammar is quite similar to French and Portuguese, which I am already very familiar with. I intend to continue practicing Italian by using Duolingo, reading books, and watching as much TV as I can! If anyone knows of a really great Italian TV series, please let me know! I am determined not to let myself forget this wonderful language!

Molte grazie to the Italian Team! You have made a truly outstanding course that stands out as one of the best on Duolingo! I really appreciate your work in creating this course!

Now I'm moving onto relearning German (which I have almost completely forgotten due to a lack of practice) and learning Dutch to prepare for a trip early next year!

December 4, 2016



Ciao e complimenti! Ti consiglio vivamente la serie tv "I Medici" (in italiano, ovviamente): http://www.guardaserie.online/i-medici/ Ti consiglio anche di trovare delle canzoni italiane che ti piacciono e impararne il testo. Trovo che sia utilissimo per imparare divertendosi, unendo l'utile al dilettevole. Per es., ti consiglio questa canzone di Gianna Nannini: "Amandoti". In questo video su YouTube sono disponibili i sottotitoli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmSuvavAvRo Fammi sapere se è visibile anche dall'estero (e non solo in Italia). :-)


Grazie! Proverò "I Medici" stanotte!


Grattis! I have started to sing and write with lyrictraining.com. A relaxed way to improve your language.


Great job! Will you be doing reverse courses or laddering?


I'm not planning on it currently. At one point, I started French for German speakers, but I lost interest as new languages were released.


You have studied a good amount of languages here :D. In how many of them do you feel comfortable?


I am fluent in English and Swedish, and I have a good grasp on French, Portuguese, Italian, and Esperanto. I can get around in Irish, German, Esperanto, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, and Danish if I had to.


Complimenti e grazie mille per le parole settimanale en svedese.


Prego! Aiutare è una delle mie passioni!


se vuoi ridere, guarda "Boris", che è anche perfetto per conoscere un po di cultura italiana moderna (il peggio della cultura italiana moderna)


Grazie per il suggerimento! Lo guarderò quando avrò del tempo!

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