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Help learning French?

Are you new? Did you literally just sign-up? I can help! I'm still a learning too! If your already super good at French, try to help those who need it! Comment below if you need help, want to help someone, or just kinda want to hang out!

December 4, 2016



Well, to start, I believe "below" would be more appropriate than "blow." ;) Also, "your" would be "you're." Just a few editing suggestions!!! Don't take them badly!


Okay how do you say "Eagle" in french


l'aigle / un aigle is the word (but my pronounciation would be typically english)!


That's funny, 'cause I've been told that I have a really good accent with any language that I speak. My advanced Spanish teacher asked me if I have Spanish blood in me, she thought I'm that good XD


Myself and a colleague have just started a French Kik Group Chat if anyone is interested. A group effort is better than individual efforts!



Have fun. Here are a bunch of resources that I found that are perfect for an English speaker starting with French:



I'll help anyone who is having some trouble getting started!


I'm having a hard time getting started on my French course.


You can always hover over a word to see it's meaning...seeing that you've done some spanish, it should help because it's really similar, not as much as some people make it out to be but still pretty resemblant...also, I can tell you that with some vocabulary later on, a lot of the words are easier to remember because they sound a lot like an English synonym. An example of this is the word "concerne." It's meaning is "is about" but a way you could remember it is by thinking, "it sounds like concerns, so it must mean something like that word...?


Thank you. That really helps. And concerne does sound like concern. And it may be a link to the meaning. But once again, thank you so much for helping me.


I kinda need help and just wanna hang lol


That's how I am sometimes lol


could you help me on idioms


No offence but how can u say gorilla or is it still gorille

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