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"Acest oraș conține multe palate."

Translation:This city has many palaces.

December 4, 2016



I agree. A city has a lot of or many palaces. "Contains" is a slavish and unnatural translation mot-a-mot of "a contine."


At first I thought you meant Slavic!


Why "a lot of palaces" is impossible?


To me was accepted ”a lot of palaces”, but not ”the town”. On the other hand, I think that in the both languages the word ”conține”/”contains” is improper for this phrase. A city or a town ”has” many palaces or a lot of palaces, not ”contains”. We can say ”a book contains many pages or pictures” or ”the box contains toys” etc, just to specify the content of a object.


+1 These kinds of so-called errors are driving me nuts. You never say a "city contains", it should be a "city has"


Why only city? Why wrong town??? I write"This town has many palaces" and it is wrong(((((


I can't imagine that a populated area with many palaces could be small enough to be a town instead of a city.


the Romanian sentence is unnatural

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