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  5. "Da, vorbiți limba română."

"Da, vorbiți limba română."

Translation:Yes, you speak Romanian.

December 4, 2016



eu vorbesc = I speak
tu vorbești = you speak
el/ea vorbește = he/she speaks
noi vorbim = we speak
voi vorbiți = you speak
ei/ele vorbesc = they speak

Da, (voi) vorbiți limba română
Da, (dumneavoastră) vorbiți limba română (polite)

In terms of politeness, the Romanian language has 3 degrees of politeness:

zero politeness - expressed by the forms of the personal pronoun itself
minimal politeness - by attracting plural forms of personal pronouns
maximum politeness - expressed by personal pronouns of politeness

The personal pronouns: eu = I, tu = you, el/ea = he/she, noi = we, voi =you, ei/ele = they dânsul = he, dânsa = she, dânșii = they, dânsele = they - are also personal pronouns
The personal pronouns of politeness: dumneata, dumneavoastră, dumnealui, dumneaei, dumnealor

eu = I
tu = you // minimal politness: dumneata = you // maximum politeness: dumneavoastră = you
el/ea = he/she // minimal politness: dânsul = he/dânsa = she // maximum politeness: dumnealui = he/dumneaei = she
noi = we
voi = you // maximum politeness: dumneavoastră = you
ei/ele = they //minimal politness: dânșii = they/dânsele = they // maximum politeness: dumnealor = they

Dumneavoastră is the safest (official and polite) form of addressing anyone over the age of twenty.


Thank you! This has been so confusing


Which "you" is this?


This is the you guys / you polite form. It's the formal verb usage being used here. tu vorbești - you speak (informal) voi vorbiți - you speak (formal)

When in doubt, or not sure which one to use, just stick with the formal form of any verbs.


it says "tromână". we do not need "t" at the starting.


How come in some sentences pronouns are dropped? Yes, the verb conjugation makes it clear, but in other languages (at least to my knowledge) you say the pronouns for the most part.


It's pretty common in many romance languages, you drop pronouns in Spanish and Italian, too.


you do drop the pronouns in Portuguese as well


Search for „pro-drop language“, it's a class of languages, where pronoun is optional, because the verb form shows clearly who performs the action. Some neighbours of Romanian are also „pro-drop“: Bulgarian and Turkish for example.


Pronouns are generally dropped in Romanian... But not if you want to emphasise the person for any reason.


It sounds a bit different then how it looks.


What is 'limba' please?


It means "tongue". And in this case "language".


The human who makes this question dosen't know romanian i think


Where does it depend if i at the end of words is silent?

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