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"На тарелке кусок хлеба и половина печенья."

Translation:There is a piece of bread and a half of a cookie on the plate.

December 5, 2016


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Native English speakers: how many of you would actually use "a half of a cookie" in this sentence? Nothing wrong with it, of course, but sounds like an overkill to me; "half a cookie" would do just fine.


British English speaker: I agree.


I might. I agree it probably wouldn't be the most likely.

It seems there is a slew of valid translations:

  • a half of a cookie
  • a half a cookie
  • half of a cookie
  • half a cookie
  • a half cookie

Maybe even "a cookie half" although I imagine Russian might have a way of more explicitly rendering that idea. Overall, I think I colloquially prefer "a half a cookie" with the initial indefinite article providing the benefit of parallel structure.

  • all the varieties w/ "biscuit"


Agreed: I said "A piece of bread and half a cookie is on the plate" and was marked wrong.

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Is? At least to my ear, it's unquestionably "are"; there are two objects here. Your sentence with "are" instead of "is" is accepted.


To my ear to, the strange verb agreement of "There is" doesn't seem to apply in this case at least in my dialect.


Not only is it overkill, it sounds wrong to me (not to mention that I prefer to use "biscuit" than cookie). Duolingo still does not seem to accept simpler and more correct translations for this question (although I haven't yet tried every combination).


Странно, мне встречались предложения, когда при перечислении нескольких вещей употреблялось "there are", а "there is" как раз не принималось. Поэтому вопрос, допустимо ли здесь there are?


See heading "There Is vs. There Are With a Series of Items." https://www.grammarly.com/blog/there-is-there-are/

"Some language commentators still insist on using are in sentences like this despite the awkwardness, but actual usage is extremely mixed."

I guess the answer is yes, then, but beware it may sound awkward. As a practical matter in speech or informal writing (the only writing where this sentence would be likely to arise it seems to me), the first two words would be overwhelmingly likely to appear as the contraction "There's," which, often being used colloquially even for strictly plural referents ("There's two possibilities") is probably used even somewhat more comfortably (not that it makes things any more logical of course, but that's language for you; the plural "they're" is strictly colloquial itself and somewhat rarely seen written).


Is slice wrong for кусок? All my russian dictionaries show кусок хлеба as slice of bread.


There is and there are should both be accepted


Really, I need to use "are"? There is a pice of bread and half a cookie on the plate isn't good enough?

It doesn't even contribute to ones knowledge of Russian. It's just...weird.


I don't think the issue is your verb choice seeing as how the suggested translation on this page begins "There is a..."

Maybe you fell on the bad side of the typo-acceptance gambit with "pice." Hard to know; I wouldn't have thought that'd be a problem, but there does appear to be randomness, intended or not, in that system. If it happens again, get a screenshot. Maybe it could be worth a bug report.


a piece of bread a half of a cookie are on the plate--marked wrong.


DL does not accept "On the plate is a slice of bread and half a cookie". Why?


Doesn't seem to accept "biscuit", insists on "cookie".


"A half of A cookie" - просто аплодирую стоя. Почему бы артикль перед каждым словом не ствить?


Half a cookie?! Something terrible must've happened.

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