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When writing a post, voting on the thread deletes the draft

I was writing a long and convoluted answer to a forum thread when I decided to reread the original post to make sure I had addressed each of the OP's questions. I voted on it without thinking about it and suddenly my precious essay was gone!

(I know this is a first world problem, but it's probably also not too difficult to fix :) )

February 22, 2014



Thanks I agree we should fix this.


Still a problem, at least 3 years later =]

Perhaps it will be fixed in the Discussion Board rewrite that is planned, or even in progress?


I hope the renovation also fixes the need to be so very careful about opening a discussion in a new tab which also causes losses of our writing though fortunately with exercise discussions now automatically opening in a new tab we no longer lose our lesson up to that point: YAY!).

Oh, and comments that move around based on voting so they then are out of sequence with the other comments and become non sequitur making the overall discussion harder to follow.

And that we can continue to reply even when up against the border of nested comments because that too causes odd comment shuffle based on voting, and currently if we reply to the comment above – which still has a "reply" option – the one we want to reply to but cannot, then the person we are really replying to does not get notification of someone having replied to them.

Okay, but I love this learning style, and the opportunities, so still grateful. :)

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