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  5. "You are about to be wrong."

"You are about to be wrong."

Translation:Bạn sắp sai.

December 5, 2016



I can't fathom DL's diacritics. I've been corrected TWICE on this even after a copy-and-paste for 'sắp'. DL really REALLY REALLY needs to use larger text fonts so we can see clearly the tones.

(And yes, I've already expanded the web page display to like 120 %).


But I got it correct so... JOKES ON YOU GREEN OWL!


It tells me the correct answer has the word "sua", but where does that word come from?


"Sua" or should I say "sửa" is part of the phrase "sắp sửa" which can be translated into "about to". For example, "He's about to drink milk" will be translated into "Anh ta sắp sửa uống sữa".


That's interesting... Sửa also = repair/fix... In English we sometimes say "he's fixing to..." Meaning he's just about to...

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