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What is a streak?

What is a streak? How do you earn them and what is the reward?

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  • There are 2 different kinds of streaks: Total streak and individual Language streak. Total Streak is the number of days in a row you have practice any language. Individual Language streak is the number of days in a row you have practiced a single language.
  • For every 10 days, you get 1 lingot. For example, since my streak is 130 days, I received 13 lingots. In 10 more days, I will receive 14 lingots.
  • If you are trying to extend your streak using Immersion, make sure you get 1 full point. Depending on what Tier you are on, you might only be getting 1/8 a point per sentence translated.
  • To extend your streak, you must gain at least one point before midnight. If you are working on a lesson, it must be finished before midnight to count, and you must be connected to the internet.

(from the New User FAQ: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1426103 )

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yeah, thanks

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that explained it to me too. Wow, u have 130 streaks and I only have 5!!

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i no understand

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