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  5. "I do not have a pet."

"I do not have a pet."

Translation:Eu nu am un animal de companie.

December 5, 2016



This sentence was multiple choice for me. One of the answers had an "n-am" in it. I was marked wrong for not choosing that as well. So, is "n-am" a common short form of "nu am"? Are there rules about when to use which?


It's a contraction, so in the same way you'd say I do not have you'd also say I don't have.


De ce nu este corect „Eu nu am animal de companie”? Trebuie să folosesc mereu articolul nehotărât? Dacă da, de ce este corect „N-am animal de companie”? Mulțumesc.


Technically in the American landscape "pet" is considered as the domesticated animals that would live with the owners. Animal de companie is an animal that usually guides a disabled person (for the most part used to be the visually impared) but now more and more with war veterans for dealing with PTSD, etc.


Sure, in English maybe... but in Romanian "Animal de companie" does not mean the same thing as it would in English. We use it in the same context as the English "pet"... the most popular of which are dogs and cats. Read this


In english there is an article used for pet. Which rule for the romanian language does allow not to use the article for animal de companie in this sentence?


Maybe you don't have to quantify it as one. Don't forget un is literally "one" in Romanian. But this is just a guess.


Animal de compagnie is just like in french!


Don't you just love our language family? :)

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