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Middle-click and left-click issue

Today I noticed a problem that I had not encountered before. If I middle-click a link in the Discussions section (to open it in new tab), the page scrolls up and I have to scroll it back down if I want to see the next topics. The same happens if I click an item in my Stream.

And the same happens if I just left-click a link: before the desired page opens, I see the previous one scroll up.

I use the last Chrome version (24.0.1312.57 m) on Windows.

Does anyone have the same problem?

February 14, 2013



Do you have a roller middle button, because if you do, you could be rolling up accidently as you click, causing the glitch. I'm running the same version of Chrome and I don't have the middle click issue or the left click issue.


No, I definitely don't roll up. I use middle-click quite a lot, and I have this bug only on Duolingo.

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