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"Nicht die Männer"

Translation:Not the men

February 14, 2013



"Nicht" is always in the end of the sentence, if you deny the whole sentence. It is in front of the certain word if you deny this exact word.


Does the 'the' is mandatory in english: No men / No the men ?


It is, "not men" has a different meaning than "not the men"


Can someone please explain the positioning of the "nicht" in the phrases ?


Where there is a verb you put nicht after the verb (like with pas in French) but it is not correct to say it would be always in the end. Eg. Ich esse nicht mehr. which means.... I do not eat any more.


Can someone please explain this phrase to me? Both the german and the english one. Danke!


Significa "los hombres no". Por sí sola no tiene sentido, pero en una conversación podría tener sentido, por ej. si alguien pregunta, ¿invito a la fiesta a los hombres y las mujeres?. R/ "Nicht die Männer" / "Not the men".


Can someone explain to me as to why its "die Manner" instead of "der Manner"? I know Manner translates to "men", which is obviously masculine. I'm sure its something apparent that I'm just missing, but would love to have it explained in laymans terms. Danke!

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