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Interesting blogs or sites to read in French?

Dear French native speakers, can you recommend any good blogs or sites with articles on various topics to read in French? I don't aim at sites for learning French, but maybe you know some person who just writes about his/her everyday life or shares something interesting in French, etc.

I have found Quora.com recently, and it's a nice place where you can find something interesting for you to read in English. Maybe there is some similar site in French?

P.S. Just in case: please don't ask me what I would like to read about. If only I knew I would just google it :) I'm sure you read something for your pleasure and distraction, so just share a link with a short description for the benefit of French learners! Thanks in advance!

February 14, 2013



I often read http://www.linternaute.com/ An advantage: good French... (rare mistakes)


Thank you for this tip - tried it out today and read three articles, very easy to follow. Also great that they have articles about so many different subject.


My French tutor suggested reading blogs from Le Monde and 20 mins. Of course this is mostly news and politics.


Yes, Le Monde is an excellent new source! The articles often include savvy vocabulary and grammar constructions, which are great for the advancing learner. It's also great to see global events through the eyes of another culture.


I'm reading www.pcinpact.com frequently. It's mostly news concerning IT and new technologies.


Those mentioned are mostly sites with news. Are there any personal blogs? Not for learning French, just to read something written by a native French speaker about life or anything. I could recommend at least half a dozen Russian blogs if I were asked...


One of my favourites is http://www.totorotimes.fr/ , is about a french guy (Jordy) living and traveling in/through Japan, it's relatively easy to read since he loves to make fotos and he descrives everything from a french point of view. In France the Blog is quite popular among french people learning japanese.


Hello! You might want to check this out: http://onethinginafrenchday.podbean.com/ Description: "A small slice of a Frenchwoman’s day — in France and in French. A fun way to improve your French! (with language level and podcast transcript on the website) . On tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays." Disclaimer :-) 1) I am not a native speaker. 2) I have only just bookmarked it: I found it after a quick search because I would also like to find what you're looking for. It seems interesting... Hope it helps!


I was not looking for a blog for French learners, but this seems the best suggestion so far. Thank you!


Not quite the same thing, but I've found it very useful to read French books on things I'm already knowledgeable about and interested in. Having some context to place what you're reading in really helps you to stretch your comprehension skills and figure out the parts that are initially confusing. Even better if the book in question has yet to be translated to English - one of my favorite things is reading interviews with filmmakers I like that have never appeared elsewhere but in the original French.


I'm not a native speaker. If you're interested in net politics, 'la quadrature du net' might be a nice read. http://www.laquadrature.net/fr


Je lis http://ouicestca.com/. C'est pour etudiants de francaise.


French is my native language. I read everyday www.ipadou.com, it's in french of course and there are articles on the ipad, apple and it tells you the free apps of the day, it is " La promotion et les gratuits du jour ". Sorry if I make a few mistakes. I hope it will interest you. ;)


Sorry, the link doesn't work. Here it is : http://www.ipadou.com .


If you go to overblog.com, you will find a lot of personal french blogs similar to blogger or wordpress. Bonne lecture!

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I recently found the website for the European Space Agency. They have a very interesting website, and a children's version where all was written in French that I could understand fairly well.


Quora is a good site for dicussion or ask questions. But if someone really like to read blogs then Fluentu.com, http://lovelearninglanguages.com/blog/, http://www.frenchuclasses.com/french-blog/, https://frenchcrazy.com are good websites.

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