"What sort of programme is it?"

Translation:Sut raglen yw hi?

December 5, 2016



Is there any distinction between "pa fath o [beth]" and "sut [beth]"? Are there situations where you'd use one and not the other?

December 5, 2016


Pa fath o beth ydy xxx...? is 'What sort/type of thing is xxx...?' *Sut xxx ydy...? Is 'What is xxx like?

  • 'Pa fath o deiars sy ar y car 'ma?' 'Bodgesook Grippers - dim ond £40 yr un.' - 'What sort of tyres are on this car?' 'Bodgesook Grippers - only £40 each.'

  • 'Sut berson ydy Siôn?' 'Ofnadwy! Mae e'n anfoesgar drwy'r amser,' - 'What sort of person is Siôn?' 'Terrible! He's always rude.'

December 6, 2016
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