"A schimba un frigider"

Translation:To change a refrigerator

December 6, 2016



What does it mean to change a fridge? This seems like a strange phrase to me.

December 6, 2016


It is an expression used when you buy another refrigerator in place of the old one. It can be used for any objects.

December 6, 2016


Ok, so in that case a better English translation would be "To replace a refrigerator."

December 6, 2016


Not sure that is technically correct. As a native English speaker, I would say 'replace a refrigerator' if I was buying one for such a purpose. I would never say 'change a refrigerator'. Perhaps it is what is meant in Romanian when it is said, though.

March 9, 2017


I agree with "replace a refrigerator," but i propose anotber translation: to change out the refrigerator.

May 24, 2017


But that's not what it says in Romanian. This is the difficulty with translation, but we have to remember that just because something sounds clunky in English doesn't mean it does in another language.

June 29, 2017


But equally we need to have the right sense of what is meant - a different example might be better.

February 3, 2019


But only in US English. Gosh, languages are tricky. :)

February 3, 2019


I like how the infinitive future tense starts with "a" before the verb like in Spanish and Portuguese. :)

May 31, 2018


What? This isn't even true

July 15, 2019
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