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"Ai explicat cartea mamei tale?"

Translation:Did you explain the book of your mother?

December 6, 2016



Perhaps "Did you explain your mother's book" (the book of your mother)? It would certainly sound more natural.

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Yes, "your mother's book" is more natural.


Can it be dative and be translated as did you explain the book to your mother? ?


Not quite. You need the mandatory unstressed form, so that would be "I-ai explicat cartea mamei tale?".


Just FYI, I'm just learning Romanian and also confused with this sentence. DL considers "Did you explain the book to your mother?" as a right translation.


Ahhh, so it's mandatory! I see, thank you so much (:


So what does it mean: "your mother's book" , "the book written by your mother" , "to your mother" or something else?

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"cartea mamei tale" should be translated as "your mother's book". Plain and simple. Through the whole Romanian course, with few exceptions, they use this type of formulation: "the book of your mom", "the dog of your brother" and so on which is distressing to be honest. I tried to bring it to their attention but nothing yet.


She's not really running an underground gambling syndicate honestly, it just looks like it! (The book in English also refers to such things.) Is it the same in Romanian? Multumesc

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