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Animals don't matter

First of all I want to say how much I appreciate the people who contributed to this course, I know it must have taken a lot of your free time and that you did it knowing that you time would never be compensated. You are truly the best kind of people. I mean it.

But let's talk animal sections. Speaking as someone who started learning Italian with Duolingo about a year ago and carried-on to the point where I was capable of living and working in Florence, I can promise you all that you will quickly forget the names of almost every animal that you learn here. You will remember the words for cat, dog, bird, fish, and anything that you can find on a menu in a restaurant, but the rest will fade-away soon after you graduate from this website (and you will eventually have to move-on if you're a serious learner). You'd be surprised how infrequently sharks, owls and bats come-up in conversation.

There is nothing more discouraging for me as a language-learner than to start a new course and be confronted by a massive block of sections regarding animals (and food) that I know I'll mostly forget, but will nonetheless have to power-through before I can actually start learning the language.

I appeal to the course creators to have another look at these sections while keeping in mind that learned vocabulary which isn't regularly put to use will always be forgotten. This isn't a complaint about this course in particular, by the way; practically all of the courses on this website make the same mistake and I assume it's encouraged by the admins.

Again thanks for the course, going to go back to it now. Ceau.

December 6, 2016



Well bud, this is duolingo, that's what it does :-))


I mean, if you can learn some bonus points in a different language, why wouldn't you? Isn't it good to be gaining more knowledge than you may think you need? I guess I just see no reason NOT to teach these things. Though it probably sounds silly coming from me because I've never taken the Romanian course. ;)


As I said, If you are not hearing or seeing these words outside of Duolingo you absolutely will forget them. So it's more wasted time than "bonus points".

Bear in mind that Duolingo can take you maybe 10% of the way towards learning a new language. Nobody has ever finished a course on this site with more information than they needed. Even with a professional tutor fluency takes hundreds and hundreds of hours to attain.


Animals don't matter to you.

I've seen other users in the forum post things like "How do you say cat in your language?" Or "Can we get more animal terms?"

Also, some of the animal section is related to food. So if you eat meat you might want to be able to know what you are ordering. And if you don't eat meat you might want to know what you are being served.


What about when a sign says 'danger bears'? you might want to know the words then


This is what I'm saying!!! :D


I completely agree . Animals, clothes and most of Food are an obstacle for me in all courses here. I would appreciate to at least gradually learn them instead of having these massive skills. Especially here you get Food I and II very early before you can say anything useful. Nonetheless it's still a great course.


Though I personally find all the section useful (well, may be except the one with all those hectoliters), there's a method to make all the sections available. You can modify the url of any available section to get to the last one (religion) After completing a lesson in it, you'll have all the sections active.

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