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"Melyik szállodának a bejárata ez?"

Translation:Which hotel's entrance is this?

December 6, 2016



Is this asking about which hotel or which of the hotel's entrances? and if it isn't the latter, how would I ask that? Thanks!!


It is about which hotel. The difference is quite similar to English. "Which hotel" vs "which entrance".
"Melyik szállodának a bejárata" - Which hotel's entrance
"A szállodának melyik bejárata" - Which entrance of the hotel

Or if you want your version:
"A szálloda bejáratai közül melyik" - Which of the hotel's entrances
This word order is also possible:
"Melyik a szálloda bejáratai közül".
This literally means "Which from among the hotel's entrances"

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