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  5. "Entschuldigung!"


Translation:Excuse me!

February 22, 2014

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Why I am sorry is not a good translation of Entschuldigung?


Thanks for clearing this up. But should this answer be accepted? Because I answered "I'm sorry" and it didn't work. (perhaps if next time I try being more convincing? hehe)


yes, it should be accepted.


Must there be a exclamation mark for this?


What is the difference between u and ü?


Do you mean in terms of pronunciation? I'm not a complete expert on this, but I did take a semester of German a few years ago, and my husband is nearly fluent, so between that prof and my husband, I have been grilled on the effect of the umlaut. The simplest way of distinguishing the 'u' and 'ü' vowel sounds is that the 'u' is like our soft 'u' in English; think of English "cut," while the 'ü' sounds like the English long 'u' as in "cute." Hope that helps!


You can go to you tube and there are a variety of Deutsch channels where they do the alphabet and at the end is the accented letters clearly enunciated


Two dots and the pronunciation. Sorry for not being very helpful but if you don't clarify your question that's all there is to it.


This is a change of definition on your part. Are you now going to define "tut mir leit" as "excuse me?"


Not sure which original definition you're referring to. But let's take a guess: "Entschuldigung" can mean both "Excuse me" and "I am sorry".


What about 'Pardon me'? That means excuse me but marked me wrong.

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