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Two more Bokmål Immersion Articles

With the flurry of new Bokmål Immersion articles, I thought I would upload a couple myself, more children's stories.

The first is about three princesses, De tre kongsdøtre i berget det blå


And then here is a Christmas story about a fox cheating a bear, Reven snyter bjørnen for julekosten


December 6, 2016



Thanks for loading some more, I really enjoy translating these fairy-tales!


Gladly! I think fairy tales and stories for children are more fulfilling for this kind of translating than most wikipedia articles. It gives an insight into the speakers of these languages that we are studying.

Sadly, Duo has changed the way the uploader works and we won't be able to upload any more Norwegian-language articles for translation. Further, the only websites we have found thus far from which we can upload articles are sites like wikipedia, wikinews, wikisource and wikihow. We can still upload English-language articles for translation into Bokmål, though and wikisource should have some fairy tales available. What articles are up there already are still going to be there, at least until something else changes.

We are lucky for the Norwegian course in that there has been a thriving Immersion community for the Norwegian to English speakers, with a pretty good number of articles still available for translation. The driving force behind that was Amaratea, and she uploaded a large number of articles right before they made the change so we are lucky she did that.


Maybe this is a good chance for us all to go back to many of those ancient, almost-done, just-needs-checking articles and finish them off!

Also, there's the English->Bokmål Immersion that isn't tethered the same way as Bokmål->English; maybe we can join the Norwegian Immersion community to that as well.

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