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Simple books in Portuguese

Hello all!

Do you know any interesting books to read in Portuguese to improve my skills? I just finished the Portuguese skill tree, and want to continue learning, and reading book is a very good way to understand the use of most gramar learned, and also to expand vocabulary.

So if you know any book that is not too complex or abstract, simple to read and interesting I would be very happy to hear your recommendation.

Cheers! (:

December 6, 2016



Graciliano Ramos books. Graciliano Ramos is one of the most and best importants authors in the history of Brazil and a universal cânone too. His writtens are simple, direct, gramaticaly correct and reflect very well the Brazil of last century with existencial refletions for all time and places.

December 12, 2016


Daniel Galera, one of the most celebrated authors from the new generation of writes in Brazil. For download some books: ranchocarne.org

December 6, 2016


how gender books you like?

December 6, 2016


It depends, but for learning a language I think some simple fantasy (perhaps even for children) would suit best. Or also some dramas could work, as long as the writer doesn't use too complicated language.

For example, I read some of Saramago's books in My own language and in English, and they were hard to understand even so, I cannot even hope to understand him in Portuguese. So even though his books are very interesting, they would not help me anytime soon :p

December 6, 2016


There are some really good Brazilian children's authors. See if you can find any Monteiro Lobato books. There is a series called Vaga Lume which my children adore. They have some really good and classic children's stories. Authors like Ana Maria Machado, Maria José Dupré and Ruth Rocha. "A Isla Perdida" by Maria José Dupré is my daughter's favourite book. It's a classic Brazilian adventure story.

December 7, 2016


Saramago is a extremely good author but he is considered difficult even for brazilians. He is not a good choice for learners. To enjor Saramago you have to have a good expertise of the language and an extensive vocabulary. It is like a student of English trying to read Tolkien. It is quite hard, even if Tolkien has the advantage of telling as adventures, so we can skip some parts of the text and still understand what is going on.

My suggestion would be Machado de Assis, because he do not use regionalisms, is a superb author, all his works can be downloaded for free and I suppose there will be plenty of traductions, as far as he is a major writer.

March 25, 2017


I am doing it with German and would suggest you to do the same. Search for books that cover your level. http://www.europeanbookshop.com/languagebooks/series/POR/m4/c21/6/CCNI here's an exemple.

December 7, 2016


Paulo Coelho. Veronica decides to die was even made into a film, so you could watch it in dubbed Portuguese with Portuguese subtitles and then read the book in its original Portuguese.

He writes very simply, translations of his books are always good for people learning languages.

People usually assume children's books are easier, but they often aren't. Mark Twain wrote books for children, for example. Call of the Wild is a book for children. Children's books can use very complex language because children are fluent in their own language, they are learning to read, not learning about conditionals and subjunctive, they already know all that.

December 8, 2016


On BliuBliu.com I have seen some book section.
You can also upload your own digital books.

I am quite new on that portal....

December 14, 2016
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