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Student passwords and information

I am encountering a problem I haven't had before. When I add students to my classroom, instead of downloading the PDF of logins and passwords, it is going directly to the screen of my classroom and I cannot retrieve log in information from there. Is there a way to get it other than the automatically downloaded PDF?

December 6, 2016



If you've added students who already had accounts, there's nothing extra they need to do. They can keep studying using Duolingo, and you'll see their activity.

If you've created the accounts yourself, then the system will have emailed you the usernames and passwords.


I am looking a way to download the login information of a whole class. I just did it the first time, and need to redo it. Is there any way to download it again?


You can't re-download that information. The system emails you that information when you create the accounts, though. Just look in your email.


Can you please consider this option? Having 20+ students forget their passwords over the summer and me standing in front of the class resetting each one MANUALLY is ridiculous.


I am having the same problem and that was after adding new students; i have yet to receive an email. Looks like using DuoLingo would be great, very disappointed I can't let my students access it!


Have you checked your spam / mass mail folder? Did you use your correct email address when you registered?


Yes I have checked my Spam / Junk folder, it's not there. I used the correct address, I have received emails from Duolingo - just not with usernames/passwords.


Hmmm. Hopefully a member of staff will see this and lend a hand. I've posted a note on a staff member's stream - let's see what happens.


When I first created my classroom, I was able to download PDFs of their login information, but now I can't find where to download it again. I want to send it home for the vacation.


I can't understand why Duolingo for schools does not allow teachers to go back and print usernames and passwords for students. I created about 60 new student accounts and the downloadable PDF did not work and I never received an email. I have to delete the class and enter all those new students again?!


Yes, that was my issue. Thankfully, it hasn't happened since. YES, there needs to be an option to re-download the list of usernames and passwords.


Because the system doesn't store plain-text passwords. Instead, it stores a cryptographic hash of the password. That's how any properly-written username and password system works. It's not that Duolingo aren't willing to give you the passwords a second time; that information simply isn't there to give out any more.

Is the email address in your account correct? Have you checked your spam / clutter folders? Sometimes Duolingo's emails end up in there.


Can this change because kids lose their passwords all the time and I want to be able to print a PDF for them again. It's aggravating to have to go to each student's profile just to reset their password.

Every year, I have to reset at least 60 kids' passwords manually and individually. It's ridiculous in 2020.

We aren't storing bitcoin on this. I really don't think someone is going to want to hack into a duolingo account.


I also have not received an email with the usernames and passwords. It is not in the junk mail either. I just created four classrooms with 54 students total. How do I get this information? Is there an admin that I can email a number to call?


I used DL about two years ago and I know that there used to be a facility to look at the student list of user name and password within the settings for the classroom (I believe) and if desired print it out with any changes in passwords that may have occurred since creating the class. This was VERY useful with students who, all too often, forget either username or password, or both! If at all possible please bring that feature back. Please. Pretty please.


I used the Duolingo for Schools interface right from the start. There was always a PDF showing the initial usernames and passwords, but it was never possible to download it, or to see the passwords student have chosen for themselves. After a few months they introduced the facility for teachers to change their students' passwords, though.

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