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"Αυτός πιθανώς είναι ένας ελέφαντας."

Translation:It is possibly an elephant.

December 6, 2016



sorry, I just have to comment. Some examples are so funny. What can be possibly confused with elephant? a mammoth? are we talking time travel situation here? :)


It made me laugh as well but the good thing about sentences like that is that you learn to really understand the meaning of the sentence instead of being able just to guess the most probable one.

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You have found one of the Duo secrets to help people learn. Break up the monotony and smile.


Yes, I find Duolingo far more motivating than other apps! I am simply bored with the usual "useful while on holiday" exercises that are common in so many other apps and courses...

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Yes, on Duo you learn a language and you use it in any way you need to.

Happy learning.


Maybe a footprint in the ground, it could be an elephants print or a barrel for example. I agree some of the examples are just plain stupid...


I think what would sound more "English" would be the phrase "He might be an elephant." As "might" is frequently colloquially used to replace "possibly".

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"might" has been added as a correct answer.


Haha I love these sudden almost absurd phrases you have :) Thanks for the unexpected smile among this labour of love.


I am still pondering about the "I touch the grey elephant" phrases. Especially in combination with"I don't wear clothes" and "what have you got under the shirt"...


How can you not be sure if something's an elephant??


That fact is that it is actually he in this sentence XD


There was a scene on the Israeli version of The Office where the equivalent of Dwayne talked about how the religious woman working there has been pregnant for an unusually long time… so she is probably secretly an elephant.

Not quite sure what could be argued in case of a man―oh.


It could be something else. Perhaps


So... in English it's not exactly ungrammatical but it is awkward to say this. A more likely phrasing is "Possibly it's an elephant." This is rejected as wrong.


I don't think it's ungrammatical, but I don't think it's awkward either. However, your suggested translation is a valid one. It has been added as an alternative.


Yes, thats what I wrote...as you say rejected


I listened to this 3 x, and knew what it must be - but I could have sworn I heard 'ελέφαντες' - all 3 times.


The web version is usually more consistent than the app with this kind of things.


Πιθανως: Antakelig.


I wrote He is perhaps an elephant and it was considered wrong. Why?


I think it's better to put "perhaps" at the beginning of the sentence - that's the more common thing, at least. But one can't really say "He is perhaps an elephant", because one can't really call something a "he" or a "she" unless they know what they're looking at. Instead of that, it's better to say "Perhaps it is/this is/that is an elephant". If it's indeed an elephant, then you can use the pronouns "he/she", depending on the animal's gender.

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