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Clicking on "New" in Discussion takes me to "Duolingo in Spanish"

When I first click on Discussion after being in Home, I am in the "Popular" section of "Duolingo in English".

Then if I click on "New", it goes to the New section of Duolingo in Spanish.

If I then click on "Duolingo in English" to get back into that section, and click on "New", I stay in that section. It only happens when I first go into Discussion.

I am subscribed to Duolingo in English Spanish from English Duolingo in Spanish English from Spanish

It happens with Firefox and Chrome.

I don't know whether it's significant, but the first time I went into Discussion today, which was probably the first time since the change in Discussion, I was in the reverse course, Spanish to English. I was only subscribed to "Duolingo in Spanish" and "English from Spanish", and I didn't realize at that point I could subscribe to more discussions, so I waited until I switched back to "Spanish from English". Then I could still only see the Spanish discussions, but I figured out how to subscribe to more discussions, so the only remaining problem is that it keeps forgetting what discussion I'm in.

February 22, 2014

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Hey! So, we made a change to how we surface discussions where the Discussion Stream shows all the threads from all the sub-forums that you have subscribed to. So, that's why you're seeing Spanish and English threads mixed together. If you scroll down when you are in the popular view you'll see that there are some popular threads in Spanish too. Let me know if you have more questions about this! Also, unrelated- congrats on your streak :)

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