"Ona jest niepełnosprawna."

Translation:She is disabled.

December 6, 2016



what about 'she is handicapped'

December 6, 2016


Yup, works.

December 7, 2016


How is this word composed? It seems to have nie- (not) in the beginning, so it's literally a negation of "abled"?

September 12, 2017


not fully... fit? I can't find a good translation for 'sprawny'.

September 13, 2017


Thanks man for answering all my questions so quickly! Having such eager moderators makes the course even better!

September 13, 2017


Thanks for your kind words :) Just to specify more: "pełno" is not a direct translation of the adverb "fully" (which would be 'w pełni' or 'całkowicie'), but this is what this part means.

September 14, 2017


Maybe "not fully efficient"?

October 8, 2017


Could be, although my first thought would be "wydajny".

October 8, 2017


I think a literal translation of not fully able is closest, although a fair bit of Polish is contextual, so the same word or a variation of it might be used in a considerably different way elsewhere.

February 26, 2018


Well, a British native told me that "not fully able" wouldn't really be used in this context...

March 12, 2018


To better remember this surprisingly long word, I dissected nie-pełno-sprawn-a|y to:

  • nie – not

  • pełny – full(y)

  • sprawny – functional, intact, mobile

Not fully functional (Ger.: nicht voll funktionsfähig), not fully intact (Ger.: lädiert) and not fully mobile all work well for me, though I'd not use them publicly in either in the UK or Germany where, as in a few other countries, the concept is a pc (political correctness) minefield...

[10 Feb 2019 13:06 UTC]

February 10, 2019


Do not have a legal nose

July 28, 2018
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