"Socrii beau o sticlă de vin."

Translation:The fathers-in-law drink a bottle of wine.

December 6, 2016



Can this also be used for in-laws in general, or is it male-specific?

December 6, 2016


In-laws in general.

December 6, 2016


The English translation is strange. One would never say: they drink a "wine bottle", but instead: they drink a "bottle of wine"

August 21, 2017


I see that "sticlă" (bottle) also means "glass". Is this in reference to the material that things are made from (such as a glass bottle, glass window, glass ornament), and never used for the thing you drink out of? Would a "glass of wine" always be "pahar de vin"?

March 21, 2017
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