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"Le este poftă de cartofi prăjiți."

Translation:They have an appetite for french fries.

December 7, 2016



Please have mercy on us poor English! Chips, trousers, waste paper basket - not French fries, pants and trash can!


We only have "french fries" at MacDonald's but mostly we have chips as in "Fish and chips"


I'm pretty sure this is not true for American English.


Two nations divided by a common language -- Winston Churchill
French fries = chips, chips = crisps, entree = main course, appetiser = entree and so it goes on. I am not suggesting Americans change their language, but perhaps Duolingo can accept the alternatives instead of marking them incorrect. They are often accepted in the German and French course.


I only mentioned it because Duo officially uses American English (which is why all the English courses from other languages use the US flag and a picture of the Statue of Liberty).
There is generally some effort put in by course makers to accept a bunch of other stuff (e.g. spellings like "colour"). So make a report that your answer should be accepted and, hopefully, they will update this sentence.


You are right, but I suspect that at present it will take some time before it will be picked up in the Romanian course. Still, as an old Hungarian friend used to say about things he got for free: "I can't ask for my money back!"

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