December 7, 2016

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I answered the greek "χ" and the correct answer is ξ. which one is it?


The Greek ξ makes the /ks/ sounds like the Latin x.


The correct answer is or should be ξ not χ. ξ makes the same sound that x makes in English. χ in Greek sounds like a hard H.


From what I see at the top of the page that is exactly as we have it. We never suggested that the English X was the equivalent of the Greek Ξ.


The letter "x" should have had gray dots below it. If you click on those dots you will see the translation. For some reason the translation was missing in this exercise. It has been edited so it won't happen to another learner. Please note that the audio which you can listen to as often as you like by clicking on the microphone symbol clearly says "ξ" but it is understandable that since this is the first skill there was confusion. You should make use of the drop down hints (the gray dots) and please read the TipsHints on the top left of the page there is a lot of information. Again sorry for the mishap.


χ should not be accepted as an answer for x. Only ξ. It just accepted χ as a correct response. hmmm... Needs a lot of work. I imagine it would be very difficult for people learning Greek for the 1st time on DL.


What we the contributors have as correct is ξ if the system accepts something else it is a technical glitch.


It is because you can miss one letter and still be correct. So, even though it is 100% wrong you still get credit!

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