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  5. "Voi beți ceaiul și sucul."

"Voi beți ceaiul și sucul."

Translation:You drink the tea and the juice.

December 7, 2016



This translation seems very literal. I'd usually say "You drink tea and juice." rather than "You drink the tea and the juice.".


It could be an instruction: You drink the tea and the juice (leaving the other choices lemonade, tomato juice for someone else)


Yes I agree with you. It marked my answer as completely wrong for that :o


Duo wants us to understand well the way articles are used in Romanian, and to prove that understanding to ourselves most importantly.


Complicat, cum faceti diferenta dintre plural si singular: aici se putea traduce cu "tu bei ..."


The new voice it's really hard to understand. I haven't been practicing Romanian in some time, true, but the sound is completely different from what I remembered :(


Tea and coffee, but not the tea and the coffee!!


The waiter only brought one cup of each and one glass of juice? I'm having the coffee so you drink the tea and the juice (or else!)

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