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  5. "Ela é uma beleza."

"Ela é uma beleza."

Translation:She is a beauty.

February 22, 2014



Ela é uma beleza = it/she is very good, great, efficient, depending on context.

There is also the slang "belezura".

Essa impressora é uma beleza/belezura = this printer is great.
Esse carro é uma beleza/belezura = this car is great

February 22, 2014


Don't forget "Beleza!" as a greeting

April 19, 2014


I thought it was more like "ok?"

Nos vamos comer no restaurante? Beleza

It's cool because we have the exact same slang in Australian english, although it's not so common anymore. "Hey I found that ipod you lost" "oh beauty! Thanks mate"

January 20, 2015


Both are used

  • E aí, beleza?? = What's up, is everything alright?
  • Vamos sair hoje à noite, beleza? Beleza! = We are going out tonight, ok? Ok!
December 9, 2015


Never heard that expression of clearance. My Brazilian visitors mostly from Brasilia, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Campinhas, Rio De Janheiro, and Fortaleza (yeah, they LOVE LatinOrlando, Florida), often use "Ta" which I figured it meaning "ok". So which is more commonly used in spoken?

April 21, 2019


That's a very common use too!

September 19, 2015


In Australia this would probably be the equivalent as a colloquial expression.

December 9, 2015


She is beautiful captures the same idea as "she is a beauty". Perhaps it should be accepted?

August 20, 2014


Ela é bonita = She is beautiful
Ela é uma beleza = She(it) is very good, great, efficient, etc.

February 16, 2016
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