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  5. "Noi dăm cincizeci de cărți."

"Noi dăm cincizeci de cărți."

Translation:We give fifty books.

December 7, 2016



i've heard "cinzeti"... is it actually pronounced like this?


Yes, people skip the "-ci" at the end of "cinci" when saying "cincizeci". I don't think I've heard anyone not doing it and it sounds very awkward. (Besides that, I assume the "t" at the end of what you wrote is a typo?)


yep... my native language is portuguese, sometimes the "t" may sound like this... my mistake


often the sound of the micro is "blurred"....i generally have to listen 3/4 x before i can distinguish more or less what has been said!!! i sometimes DO report this because the/their pronounciation sounds too weird for/to me....


"We 'are giving' (wrong) fifty books."

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