Translation:La revedere!

December 7, 2016

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What is the meaning of ramas bun?


I think it is "farewell", I think you can say, "La revedere, si ramas bun" which is something like "Farewell until I see you again". (I am happy to be corrected).


Why does Duolingo do such stupid things!!! The 'Tips and Notes' give us a whole list of phrases to learn and the gives us a phrase it has not taught us and one where you cannot hover your mouse over the words to see the vocabulary. You do not learn languages by making random guesses.


Exactly! This is one of the more frustrating things! I'm quite interested in learning the language and I understand that it's complex, but the lesson tips for Romanian need to be fleshed out a bit more to include more vocabulary words. Also, new words/phrases ought not to be introduced when learners are doing practice lessons.


Look up ^ | It says goodbye is La revedere, but when I put that in I get the wrong answer. That needs to be fixed.


What is the difference between "rămas bun" and "la revedere". It means both goodbye, doesnt it?


"rămas bun" means "stay well" and "la revedere" means "see you again" But you can use both for the same situations. Source: My Romanian friend


For what reason I should learn phrase wich used about 3% of Romanian. All my romanian friends do not use "ramas bun"

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