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"cylch bach"

Translation:a small circle

December 7, 2016



I wonder if this word for small is related to the word for boy ?


Does cylch bach mean anything (ie "a close group of friends"), please? Or is it just being used as an example?


Yes, coming across fach once and then just being given a choice of 3, none of which was fach, did confuse me. So is bach the original?



Ap Geiriaduron is a good free dictionary app for checking things like that.


Yes - the point being that this and any good digital dictionary will cross-refer you to the base word, and show you the options if there are any. For example, if you look up fach it will immediately give you options of

fach (bach)
fach (mach)

Before digital dictionaries you had to be aware of what the possibilities were and then look them all up.

I felt the pain particularly as I came from a background of Gaelic and Irish where they use special spelling conventions so that as soon as you see a word you know what the base form and the mutation are.


I just downloaded it and it does not seem to list gender. Just shows cylch as a noun,


If you look up 'circle' you will find it says 'cylch eg cylchoedd' and if you click on the eg it will give you a pop-up that shows eg as standing for noun masculine/enw gwrywaidd.

That pop-up function is explained in the settings under help/cymorth.


Thank you so much; that's really helpful. I'm really trying to understand the construction and reasoning behind the language, not just memorize the sentences and parrot them back.


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David lists cylch as a feminine noun, so why doesn't it cause a soft mutation? I'm finding the treatment of adjectives after these shapes to be rather inconsistent.


The UWTSD dictionary is wrong in this case.

cylch is definitely a masculine noun.


So are you saying TSD is incorrect, or is this a rare variant. I have just posted a longer answer where I hedge my bets. Is TSD considered reliable? It definitely says it is feminine.


I have listened to the speech several times and I am certain it is saying fach (although actually it sounds more like fรข) on the fast speech, but bach on the slow speech. The fast speech on the question is the same as what you get if you click the speaker top left of this page. What does anyone else think? If you heard it with the first word removed (so you could not tell from context) would you be able to tell?

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