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"The pizza delivery is convenient."

Translation:το πίτσα ντελίβερι είναι βολικό.

December 7, 2016



Η παράδοση της πίτσας είναι βολική could be right too or?


This sentence is supposed to be deleted! Where did you find it? On strengthen exercises? Το πίτσα ντελίβερι is not proper greek, it should be το ντελίβερι/παράδοση της πίτσας, that's why we deleted this sentence...


i found it on On strengthen exercises. my answer with παράδοση was marked as wrong


Yes, we did not add other correct answers because this sentence stayed for about a day in the incubator (and i cannot find it there, too). Thanks for the input, sometimes duo does it's own things!! :P


It's actually still in the incubator. I find it unfortunate that words such as ντελίβερι have entered the Greek vocabulary, considering that Greek offers much better alternatives.

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